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Products > Food & Feed Addtives > > Ethoxyquin 66.6% powder
Product name : Ethoxyquin 66.6% powder
Item : CP-F004
CAS : 91-53-2
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Product Name: Ethoxyquin 66.6% powder
CAS No.: 91-53-2
Spec Table:
Items Unit Standard
Appearance  - Red brown powder with characteristic odor
Ethoxyquin Content  % Min. 66.6
Heavy Metals(Pb)  ppm Max.10
Arsenide Content  ppm Max.3

The high effectiveness of ethoxyquin makes it an essential additive in the manufacture and utilization of raw materials susceptible to rancidity, such as fats, fish and meat meals, vitamins, pigments and other nutrients sensitive to oxidation. 

The ethoxyquin is the only chemical and biological antioxidant that is also effective in the digestive system, and the ethoxyquin is a ketone-amine condensation product and an effective stabilizer that can provide good protection against heat and flex-cracking.

The ethoxyquin is a chemical preservative which is used almost exclusively in animal feed to prevent rancidity. It is approved for use in human foods only as an anti-oxidant in items such as chili powder or paprika.

Currently, our product is mainly used for the stabilization of vitamins, feedstuff and fish meal and has fungicide properties.

Package:25kg/Paper-composite bag
Shelf life: 12~24 months

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